Dürnstein and Schönbrunn

Two days ago, Melissa woke me up bright and early, which was at first very unenjoyable but then I realized I was in Vienna and decided getting up wasn’t such a bad thing.  We then went to the gym and ran some errands. Melissa showed me how to use the public transportation system, which I’m going to need some practice to learn how to use it before I can do it on my own (I’m a slow study with these kind of things and run the risk of looking like a tourist, which is of course not a good thing!). For example, on the buses here you have to press a button to open the doors, which of course I will probably forget to do and just stand there staring at the bus while the passengers look at me wondering what I’m doing.  But I’m sure I’ll figure it out, eventually!

After we worked out, Melissa had a really busy day, so her family took me to Dürnstein, which was a town about an hour Northwest (I think) of Vienna. There, we first had a picnic, then went on a hike to the ruins of a castle with amazing views of the area, which was filled with vineyards.  The area truly was incredible, and very high up – so I, naturally, didn’t get close to any of the edges, but the family did, which I got some pretty great pictures of from my very safe, solid seat on a rock.

Yesterday, Melissa was also really busy so I explored the city with her cousin and his friend. We went to Schönbrunn, which is a beautiful castle about an hour by bus and subway from the house. We then went paddle boating and swimming in the Donau which was really nice, especially since the whether has been so hot (not quite as steamy as Cincinnati, but still up there!).  I have tons of pictures of all these events but I’m having trouble uploading them, but I’ll figure it out and hopefully get them uploaded soon!

We’re leaving on a bus for Prague in about three hours, which I’m really looking forward to but don’t know exactly what to expect – we’ll see!

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