Sorry it’s taken me so long to write the actual post about Prague. I wish I could say I’ve been really busy in Vienna so I haven’t had time, but the truth is I’ve been relaxing, going to the gym, and hanging out at the pool – which has been absolutely amazing!

Anyway, Prague was really fun! We got there by bus, which wasn’t so bad and arrived last Thursday evening. We then walked from the bus station to our hotel. Our hotel was nice considering we paid 60 euro for three nights. We had a decently sized bed, a table with some chairs, a bathroom in the hallway, and we got to shower between 10:00 and 12:00 in other people’s rooms who weren’t there – what a deal! The hotel was in an amazing location, just a few blocks from the Charles Bridge.

Both Friday and Saturday, we explored the city after doing workouts in different parks. When we went on our cool down jog after our workout on Saturday morning, we left our water bottle and Melissa’s soccer ball under a tree within view – it seemed like a pretty safe park, and we didn’t really leave anything too valuable. But on our second lap I noticed a homeless lady sitting by our stuff, and then I noticed her putting it into her bag. So I informed Melissa, and she ran over and said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, but that’s ours!” And we ran away and decided we were done with our workout. The lady was not too thrilled to give back our stuff, but thankfully she did with just a few angry words that, probably lucky for us, we didn’t understand.

We covered what felt like the entire city of Prague by foot over those two days. We didn’t use any public transportation – our original reason was to save money on the tickets, but it turned out to be a great way to see the city. One thing that struck me about Prague was the number of tourists – it was difficult to tell who was Czech and who was from simply a different country because there were so many different languages being spoken.

My favorite location was probably the St. Vitus Cathedral. This cathedral was huge, and provided an incredible view of the city (whose architecture from that height is really cool). We walked about 280 stairs to reach the top, but the view was completely worth it. The picture above is from the top of the cathedral.

Sunday morning, Melissa and I left for the bus station early so we could get tickets. When we got there, they informed us that there was only one ticket left for the entire day. After a brief moment of panic, we tried another bus service which fortunately had two tickets left. Needless to say we felt very relieved to get on the bus home that day.

So, I had a really good time in Prague – we got to see a lot of the city, try its authentic ham (as seen in the video!), and observe people from all over the world!

3 thoughts on “Prague

  1. JPF,
    I love reading your travel thoughts and envy you your great experiences. I know these entries can be difficult, especially as time goes on, but one day you will be glad you have them as memories fade rapidly. Thanks for the updates.
    I love all the red clay roofs in Europe and the views from the bell towers!

  2. Thank you, Joey. I am enjoying my vicarious journey with you and Melissa.
    Just yesterday i was thinking of requesting a photo of St. Vitus Cathedral …. the photo FROM the cathedral is enough for now. What a beautiful vista and a gorgeous day! Perhaps, on your visit to Cincinnati you can share a few more with me? Also, ditto on Carolynn’s comment above. These are thoughts and experiences you will treasure for a lifetime … especially, in retrospect 20, 30, 40, 50, 60,70 years from now. May I suggest keeping on your person a pocket size diary / notebook to to scribble down thoughts as you go through your day …. it may only happen once or twice a day, but, certain places may profoundly inspire you. It is fun to read them later in life and recall such specific moments! Love and Hugs to you and Melissa …. Beth Ann

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