Munich 1 – The Culture

This past weekend Melissa and I went to Munich, which I loved. I found it to be extraordinarily rich in culture, even more so than Vienna and Prague. For example, it was fairly normal to see people walking around in traditional German clothes. Also, the personalities of the people overall just felt so different from what I am used to. Anyway, I liked Munich so much also because I had three very contrasting types of experiences there – the cultural, the historical, and the social. So, I am going to do three different posts so that I can do them justice! This post is the cultural one. Besides the traditional dress and the stern personalities of the Germans, one thing that really struck me was the number and quality of the street performers. There were violinists and other musical groups, mimes, and people dressed as statues (one of them looked so real it scared me when he reached out toward me!). It was really impressive and fun to observe. Although Munich did have its fair number of tourists, in my view the tourists did not overshadow the German culture. The video above summarizes my favorite aspects of culture in Munich – it was also the first time I ever used iMovie, which was really fun. Hopefully I’ll get better at it!

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