Salzburg 1 – Paragliding

This weekend, Melissa and I went to Salzburg, which was probably the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Not only did we do a lot of cultural activities and explore the city itself, but we also went to a town called Werfenweng to go paragliding. Now let me just say heights are not my favorite thing, but when Melissa suggested it, how could I say no?! A chance like this, especially in such a beautiful location surrounded by the Alps, was impossible to pass up. So, I did it, and we videotaped the entire morning. We were planning on taking a bus from our stop off the train to Werfenweng, but when we got there, we found out we had misunderstood the bus situation. Because we arrived so early, however, we decided we had time to walk to the starting point. We were told Werfenweng was just 5 km up the road – it felt like much further than 5 Km, and we were right! We just looked up on Google Maps how far it actually was, and it was 12.1 Km or 7.5 Miles with about 1500 ft increased elevation from start to finish. Needless to say, we were tired at the end! I think it was worth it, despite our sweaty shirts! The views were amazing and it was a great way to explore the area. The experience of paragliding itself was not nearly as scary as I had anticipated. I actually calmed down when we got to the top of the mountain, and any last jitters I had before take-off were immediately gone once we were in the air. The flight was incredible. The views of course were amazing. Also, the simple feelings of being that high in the air and so free at the same time were surreal. In the video above, he’s actually letting me steer us! The experience was amazing, something I will definitely never forget!

6 thoughts on “Salzburg 1 – Paragliding

  1. Joey, that looks like so much fun! And your video was amazing–It made the hills seem alive….with the sound of music!

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