Salzburg 2 – The City

Like I said, Salzburg was an amazing city. There are so many things to see, but we had to squeeze as much as we could into about a day and a half. Friday evening, we went to old town and went to Mozart’s birthplace, which has been turned into a museum. It was really interesting to not only see and learn about where he grew up, but also to see the actual instruments he played and some of the music he composed. As it turns out, Mozart is not the only aspect of the city that is musical. We were actually there for part of the Salzburg Music Festival, in which there are several performances. We even witnessed a showing of an opera below the fortress, which was pretty incredible – there were people everywhere and the opera was very good (not that I know anything about operas, but it seemed good to me!). After paragliding on Saturday, we went back into Salzburg and went up to the top of the fortress, which was amazing. I know it’s hard to compare the two, but I couldn’t help but notice the similarities and differences between Prague and Salzburg. Prague is obviously much bigger, but the uniqueness and the consistently old quality of the architecture really stuck out to me – there were no modern buildings in either city, at least not that I noticed. Also similar to Prague, Salzburg is extremely touristy, so it doesn’t really have it’s own distinct culture when it comes to the people – the culture is much more evident in the buildings and the history. One thing I liked better about Salzburg was the beauty surrounding the city. Every direction you look you see the Alps, which was seriously mesmerizing. That night, we ate dinner at the fortress, which as you can see in the picture in the video, was beautiful. And, despite the 40-minute wait for soup and then another 30 minutes for our meal, we had a great time relaxing in such a nice atmosphere. Sunday morning, we went back to old town and saw some of the sights from the Sound of Music. I think my mom and I watched that movie at least 1,000 times, so as I saw some of the places the scenes definitely came back to me. It was very cool to actually see in person those places I’d seen so many times on screen! Lastly, we visited St. Peter’s Graveyard, which must have been the most elaborate graveyard that I have ever seen. As you see in the pictures, each gravestone was very ornately decorated, and some even had their own area that was fenced off. All around I think I may have enjoyed Salzburg the most out of all the cities that we’ve visited – it had everything: beautiful scenery, rich culture, and paragliding. What could beat that?!

3 thoughts on “Salzburg 2 – The City

  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed the beauty of Salzburg. What a great experience you are having! Mirabella gardens was my favorite place.

    • Dear Joey and Melissa … we had some magnificent storms last week that knocked me off and on internet a few days. it certainly did not preclude me from keeping up with your posts … only from responding, as the backlog of emails gobbled up reply time. I am now, fully, back in the saddle and want you both to know I am enjoying your blogging immensely. First of all, I am so happy that you are having this expansive experience. Also, I am enjoying seeing your jaunts through the lense of your perspective as well as your camera. And, thirdly, it uproots all of the memories of past journeys, the emotions, the sense of wonder and freedom, the beauty, the way it opens one to experience the inter-connectedness of all forms and periods of life past and present. So, as I am reading, viewing, and listening I am embracing and enjoying all of it. I love seeing your happy faces and smiles …. it is, truly, a beautiful experience for all. Thanks for sharing … p.s. perhaps, I will meet Melissa some day. I feel like I am getting to know her and she is a hoot! Ciao for Now!!
      (sorry so many words …. I can not change this habit!!) Beth Ann

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